Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Hello and Welcome...

to our Aperture Science testing.... oh wait, wrong game.
Hello, i'm TheD3X, the Main Developer at D3X.net

Our main Goal is to produce good Indie Games.
Let me introduce our first Project:

The Sirius Incident (Chapter One: Dawn)

Since Alpha Testing has started at 01.08.2011, we're now allowed to post some more info to TSI:
You start as a unemployed freshman pilot at the beginners station with a scout ship.
PvP is everywhere! No Newbie Protection.
Your beginner Ship is equipped with all necessary tools to harvest and plunder ships and asteroids. For more advanced materials you'll need to get into specialized ships.
Attribute system with Ship unlocking via stats.
Harvest Comets, Gas clouds and ship cemeteries.

We will post more informations next week.


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